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Farm Accidents and Injuries

The importance of agriculture to our way of life cannot be overstated. Yet, farms and farming pose some of the greatest threats to the safety of workers and drivers in the more suburban and rural areas of our state. Those owning farms and engaged in farming must follow the rules of the road and exercise due care for the safety of the public.

David P. Dekle - Georgia Farm Accident Attorney

As the son of a county extension agent, David Dekle has been around farming all of his life. As a trial lawyer, he has handled cases involving injuries and death related to farm operations. He is ready help you get the compensation you deserve for Milking Parlor Injuries, Dairy Injuries, Tractor Injuries, cow collisions, bull collisions, horse collisions, and other automobile livestock accidents.

Georgia Attorney for Accidents with Livestock

Every day, Georgia motorists are exposed to danger when cattle, horses, or other livestock are not properly secured with good fencing. Farmers and corporate farming operations must be particularly careful in maintaining fences and transporting livestock. Let David Dekle assist you when you have been injured because of the negligent livestock owner.

Georgia Injured Farm Worker Attorney

In Georgia, Farm Operators are not required to carry workman's compensation insurance. When they do not, they can be held liable for injury to their employees when they are negligent, and may be sued for personal injury in a court of law.

Heavy machinery accidents, including combines, grinders, tractors, milling, etc., can end a person's livelihood and leave one permanently injured or result in death leaving a family without financial support and provision.

If you or a loved one has been injured on the job working on a farm, David Dekle is ready to assist you in recovering for your injuries including, but not limited to your medical bills, lost wages, permanent disability and impairment, and pain and suffering.

Free Consultation | Augusta Personal Injury Law Attorney

The Law Office of David P. Dekle wants to level the playing field for your Farm Accident damage claims. For more information or to discuss your circumstances in a free consultation with a lawyer, contact us online or by calling 706-250-7572 or toll free at 800-579-0094.

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