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Augusta Pedestrian Accidents Lawyer

Georgia is a beautiful state where people like to be outdoors. Not only do people go outside for pleasure here, they do so out of necessity. Walking and running on sidewalks, road shoulders, parking lots and other places shared with motor vehicles is part of most people's daily lives.

Yet pedestrians are exceedingly vulnerable. An unprotected pedestrian is no match for a car, truck or commercial vehicle. It's no surprise that when pedestrians are hit by vehicles, they can suffer severe, life-altering injuries, including severe fractures, neck and back injuries, paralysis and traumatic brain injuries (TBIs).

Augusta Pedestrian Neck and Back Injuries Attorney Serving Savannah, Augusta and the Central Savannah River Area

The Law Office of David P. Dekle, P.C., in Augusta, Georgia, helps pedestrians pursue compensation for their injuries caused by the negligence of motorists or property owners.

Being an injured pedestrian is expensive. In addition to medical bills and rehabilitation costs, many injured pedestrians lose income from being unable to work. When injuries lead to disability, the effects can be long lasting, even permanent. To make up for these and other losses, we can sue negligent motorists, their employers (if the vehicle is owned by a business or the driver is on duty) and their insurers for compensation. If a vehicle defect caused your injuries, we may also be able to recover compensation from the vehicle manufacturer.

Before starting his plaintiff-focused practice, attorney David Dekle spent 21 years defending health care corporations, physicians and insurance companies in personal injury cases. As a result, he understands medical terminology and the kinds of injuries that pedestrians face when they are injured. He can help you to level the playing field against any party, because he understands injuries, their causes and their effects, and the strategies needed to win a personal injury case.

Not all pedestrian injuries involve motor vehicles. Attorney Dekle can represent you in cases regarding injuries involving falling objects; attacking animals; falls on icy, wet, cracked or uneven sidewalks; and other incidences of premises liability.

Hit by a Car or Falling Object? Our Augusta Pedestrian Accidents Attorney Can Assist You

If you were injured while walking or jogging due to another person's negligence, the Law Office of David P. Dekle, P.C., can assist you. Our Augusta, Georgia, practice seeks dignity, justice and compensation on behalf of injury victims throughout the Central Savannah River Area (CSRA).

For more information, or to discuss your circumstances in a free consultation with a lawyer, contact the firm online or by calling 706-250-7572 or toll free at 800-579-0094.

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